Sally de Courcy



This series of work was based on driftwood collected from a beach, before lockdown.


Bones are often used in my work. They reflect human vulnerability and our mortality both particularly poignant during the current pandemic. Bones and driftwood share a commonality, they are both vestigial remains. Driftwood like a virus returns in waves.These two works combine objects that metaphorically relate to the COVID-19 pandemic, both personally but also from a wider perspective. The contextual links when re-assembled reveal a hidden narrative.The sculptures are bound by bandages into a COVID 19 formation. The doll-like faces represent feeling depersonalised by the experience of isolation, and the lack of agency of being told to stay inside and feeling puppet-like. Hands and arms represent hand washing and the inability to embrace. Bats, the vector of Covid19 invade the sculptures.



Beached _ sdecourcy image size 2M Flux_ beached jpg

Beached - cast driftwood reflects isolation of shielding, feeling beached/stranded. Bound by bloody bandages and rendered meat-like it references Florence Nightingale, Nightingale hospitals and the wet markets where Covid allegedly originated.