Sally de Courcy

Frames of War

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This work is a modern take on an “ancient frieze” inspired by the Parthenon galleries at the British museum. The Parthenon was built at a time of economical, political and artistic prowess. The Parthenon friezes seemed to represent ancient reportage of slavery of the overpowered and the glorification of war, not dissimilar to that occurring in our media today


The background frame was cast from the lid of a storage box, a deliberate reference to a modern container for objects. The ironic modern and human objects were piled onto the frame haphazardly, referencing the horrific piles of objects seen at the gas chambers during the Holocaust and also the chaos of bones found in mass graves.


The objects convey meaning both metaphorically and in combination.Teddies were used as they are left at the site where a child has met a violent end and the combination of teddies and weapons convey the exploitation of children in war. Broken castings were deliberately used to appear ancient and archaeological.


This work was exhibited in London at the Camden Image gallery and The Menier gallery.

70cm x 50cm x15cm