Sally de Courcy


Beached High Res

Beached ( remade for the Border's exhibion, Venice 2020 , see Driftwood series, page 2)

Beached reflects the experience of feeling depersonalised as an immunocompromised and medically shielded artist during the COVID19 pandemic Cast driftwood symbolises feeling beached, stranded at home and the combined objects relate to this autobiographical experience.  Fragmented doll parts represented the depersonalisation of being removed from society and the lack of agency being told to stay inside, feeling puppet like. Cast hands and arms reference washing hands to prevent COVID-19 and the inability to shake hands and embrace.   Femurs represent mortality and our human fragility during this current pandemic. The sculpture was held together by bloody bandages a reference to Florence Nightingale, the NHS and the new Nightingale hospitals. The driftwood is arranged in a form resembling COVID-19 and rendered to look meat-like a reference to the wet markets where COVID19 allegedly originated. Also, COVID19 is often red in electron microscope images. The entire sculpture is invaded by bats the supposed vector.









Sneeze 2000 High Res S de Courcy

Fake News Goes Viral, reproduces this sculpture digitally to create a viral image. The title alludes to the rapid spread of fake news during the pandemic.

Sneeze 2020-Exhibiting at the Bickertongrace Gallery A COVID 19 form made from cast pelvic bones, representing our human fragility during the pandemic. The form then multiply repeated creates an imaginary sneeze as if the virus were visible spreading through air.

2 IMG_8662 4  Fake news goes viral Sneeze 2020_ detail 2MB


Fake News made from hydroxychloroquine packages and cast tablets. President Trump declared hydroxychloroquine a preventative treatment for COVID-19 which was subsequently disputed. Lupus patients who depend on hydroxychloroquine were unable to get hydroxychloroquine putting many at risk.