Sally de Courcy


WEEK 8 / Confinement has made me re-use photoshop. I revisited old work using cast human pelvic bones. 

Sneeze 2020

14 1 Sneeze 2020 ... Cast Human Pelvic Bones

They look Covid-like - resulting in Sneeze 2020 which simulates replicating viruses spreading through the air.


I initially repeated the original cast image in black and white as a sneeze has no colour. Also, the COVID-19 virus is colourless as the virus is so small that it can neither absorb or reflect light although it is often artificially coloured red in electron microscopy images. I repeated this digital drawing twice to reflect this in black and white , then red.


There is something incongruous between the decorativeness of this image, the beauty of Covid19 images and the devastation that COVID-19 has caused our society. Bones often feature in my work - a reminder of human mortality and fragility particularly relevant during the current pandemic.  My work uses repetition while isolated through shielding to artistically communicate with a world ironically devastated by viral replication.

Sneeze 2000 High Res S de Courcy