Sally de Courcy


This body of work was made during Lockdown as a result of the COVID19 pandemic and is ongoing. I am an immunocompromised artist and I am shielded within my own home until a vacine is developed. Much of the work is autobiographical and relates to the experience of being isolated from society.


I have decided to write this page and continuing pages like a blog. When the country went into lockdown on 23rd March I decided to create a body of artwork about my experience of being shielded from society. The work would have limitations like myself, I could only use materials in my home at the point of lockdown.


MAY 23, I expressed my thoughts and ideas in a mind map.

Mindmap 3

I’m stranded in my own home; I feel beached and I thought of using and casting driftwood from a recent holiday.

IMG_8150 IMG_8135 Cast Driftwood