Sally de Courcy

Room 1021

If the state is considered to having a political  role in perpetuating subjective and objective violence   perhaps there is a potential responsibility towards the repetition of attrocities.


Bones,weapons and sex toys have been used as a metaphorical reference to the  sexual and physical attrocities of war. There is perhaps an ironic discomfiture of seeing these objects that represent those seen as "lesser human" in this juxtaposition, of being placed in buildings owned by the very same people who have taken away their agency.


The title references the United Nations Treaty 1021 on genocide and George Orwell's Room 101 in his book 1984.


Room 1021  - Ceiling Rose. Easi-Flow Plastic.


Room 1021 - Pillar. Easi- Flow Plastic.


Room 1021,Pillar- 2016- H2.2mx W2.5mx D15cm- Plast