Sally de Courcy

Walked Over    2016.    5m x 5m


The grid resembles a flag referencing territory, ironic when considering the current refugee crisis.A floor is an architectural space, often hidden and overlooked, but by making it interactive with the viewer, they are uncomfortably forced to confront the buried objects and their contextual connections.


Walked Over was inspired by Judith Butler’s books, Precarious Lives and Frames of War, and the concept that some people are treated as less than human or “walked over” by others.


Using a storage container - a deliberate reference to a modern container for objects - fabricated breezeblocks were cast and arranged as a floor that the viewer could walk over. Within the breeze blocks objects were buried and excavated. These objects, (bones, weapons, sex toys) were used metaphorically to  represent different aspects of war atrocities as in the UN and House of Lords-definition.

The floor references a forensic or archaeological dig. The blocks have an earthy quality and the objects are partially concealed and partially revealed. The floor is arranged as a grid representing control and systems and referencing the violent control to suppress the “other” in society. The “other" represented by the objects in the breeze blocks are therefore hidden in this controlled system of the grid in the same way that they are ignored within-society.

walked over arial Badge-Commended-183x200