Sally de Courcy

Artist Biography


Sally de Courcy was born in Canterbury, Kent. She obtained a first class honours degree in fine art at the University of Creative Arts, Farnham. During which time she developed an interest in repetition using the casting process to make large-scale sculptures and installations.


During her Masters degree she combined her interest in repetition with past medical experiences when she had worked in Khao-I-Dang refugee camp in Cambodia, after Pol Pot’s regime and with the Karen people in Burma.


Much of her work stands for those who are dehumanized as a result of atrocities that result from war and terrorism. History, like her work repeats itself, and the philosophical reasons for this repetition of violence has been a major part of her research and extends her focus on repetition.


She has been greatly influenced by the philosophical texts of Judith Butler and ZIzek, together with artists such as Doris Salcedo, Ai Weiwei and Mona Hatoum who transcend their autobiographical experiences to explore global issues today.


Sally casts repeated objects, which relate metaphorically and literally and are hidden within a sculpture or installation. As the viewer interacts with the artwork contextual links are recognized between the objects and her  narrative is revealed.


Sally has exhibited throughout the UK and in London. She received a scholarship in Fine Art from the UCA in Farnham. Sally was highly commended in the RedLine Annual Awards 2020 for a series of works about human rights. Sally lives in Woking where she continues to practise as an artist.